1I have a severe disability, and would not feel unless safe accompanied by someone while visiting museums and going around the city. Is this service provided ?

Yes, Travelability guarantees (with or without aids such as wheelchairs) accompanying clients, even clients without serious disability. This service will be done by qualified personnel (care workers, nurses, etc.), able to guarantee maximum security and serenity.

2I’m a senior and would like to visit Florence. I have no special health requirements, but I want to feel secure that I have the necessary support if needed. What can you offer me?

Travelability understands your concern. With he basic package a doctor on our team will contact you and gather all the necessary information to ensure the most rapid and effective intervention if needed.The type of medical assistance recommends medicines available here with the same active ingredient in drugs in country of origin. This service is very useful in you run out of or the baggage is lost. But not only: if during your stay you need any sort of diagnostic testing Travelability, will arrange the appointment at an accredited facilities without the wait.

3I’m undergoing physiotherapy in my country, will I be able to continue it while in Tuscany?

Absolutely! Planning an already exciting physiotherapy cycle, our physiotherapist will come to the hotel on a daily basis. If tools or equipment are not available in the lodgings,Travelability guarantees the physiotherapy session at an accredited nearby facility.

4I must have monitor my blood on a daily basis. Can you guarantee someone will come to the hotel to do this for me?

Yes, Travelability is able to ensure a nurse to come every day for a blood exam. The results can either be
delivered via computer or paper.

5I need help getting dressed, eating and to moving about.
Are you able to guarantee me reliable staff to assist me?

The staff of Travelability is highly trained and selected by companies who have been working in the healthcare sector for years. Their profiles are available to our clients and able to cover all the personal and health care needs. With proper planning thanks to information collected prior to departure it is possible to continue the same care as followed at home.

6I’ve always dreamed of experiencing a unique moment, without crowds, visiting the museums privately with loved ones most beautiful works of art. You can you arrange this?

Thanks to our network of partnerships Travelability can gain entrance to the most important art places out of the regular public opening hours arranging an exclusive and unique visit. Such tours are subject to special authorizations, schedules and viewing days must comply with the competent authorities, and therefore must be booked well in advance.