Contemplate, in solitude, the eyes of Botticelli’s Venus or enjoy the perfume of the Chianti vineyards, discovering new and unique travel experiences.

Travelability makes this dream possible allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable holiday thanks to health care options designed according to your requirements. We will customize every aspect of your stay, with the guarantee of always having a perfect holiday health coverage at all the destinations.


Trips designed for you

Look above the horizon and see the church of San Miniato or cross the corridors of the Uffizi in silence to contemplate the beauty of the ages, it’s no longer just a dream. With Travelability you can organize trips with the same medical assistance you get at home.

For the duration of your stay, you will be followed by highly qualified people in both tourist and health care matters, ready to care for you, if you need all day. You can create a program according to your needs, visit museums and sights beyond the traditional tourist spots. Plan excursions, to wineries and wine tasting or shopping or to the sea side, as you like.

Now close your eyes and imagine a sunset …

Care for you

Travelability is a service for those wanting to tour Tuscany who have disabilities or in long-term care (temporary or permanent) or with special needs.
With the assistance of a customized team of experts, made up of doctors, nurses, personal assistants, supported by a large support staff, your care is guaranteed. Assistance, diagnostic tests, medical checks, are at your disposal, if needed.

Health back-up when you need it, 24 /7, so health issues are no longer an obstacle to seeing the art treasure trove of Tuscany.


Plan your stay

Realize the dream of a fantastic holiday in complete safety and maximum comfort. Travelability assists you throughout the planning of your trip, based on the information provided for its implementation, in order to customize every aspect, especially the touristic and health.
You can choose between tours offered choosing the most suitable for you or you can modify it to suit your needs and interests You will have access to exclusive routes and schedule trips to desired places, always with the guarantee of active support and constant care.
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